Month: January 2015

Moving on (part 2) – complications

not only the same functionality as my previous watch, but has additional functions, such as Radio Control and Solar Power. And yes it also has a Digital Compass which is only noticeable because it says so on the dial! This is something I wasn’t expecting – a rather understated refinement and almost elegant watch from Casio. Isn’t that nice . . . .

Update on big “G”

unusually it is NOT an ABC watch, though it looks like it – and it’s NOT Radio Controlled or a Solar powered model, though again it looks like it should be.
I suppose there is one function that maybe I’d like to see added. Namely the watch needs to be Radio Controlled. I say this as to change the analogue hands to the correct time, if inaccuracy creeps in as it will, requires you to go through a push button sequence

Something different (2)

Note the amazing seconds indicator at 4 o’clock which is the hexagonal star shaped disk in a polished yellow gold tone that rotates continually which gives a wonderfully fascinating “automaton” mobile effect to the watch wearer.

Limes Neptune series

It’s another one of those rare watch models that looks so much larger than it actually is – not an easy feat in itself, which I personally think a subtle but very valid sales point.