Double Date

There’s always something special about a double date window, especially for those of use whose eyesight is weakening. Too often over recent years even with spectacles, I sometimes have to squint a bit to see the tiny date windows that many models seem to have today.

Kienzle K Spirit K801 Date watch

It’s even nicer to find a watch, however, that’s just a little bit different, such as the Kienzle K Spirit K801 1503011 featured here.  And different in a good way and not just owing to the large split date aperture. The fact is, this is a quite large watch at 42mm diameter, which is about my maximum for comfort, but this model is conversely very wearable even to the medium wrist, because of its slimness. The case depth is a very neat 8mm – (9 mm including crystal) and that makes all the difference.

It comes with a leather deployment strap, though it’s one of those add on types that fits to a standard strap minus the pin buckle. I always find these to be quite clumsy, so I removed it and replaced it, first with an old spare blue leather buckle strap, to see how it looked, then finally for a proper silicon deployment strap in orange. It is now a much neater fit for me.

The watch dial is also round, but the case, not quite so and overall it is clear to

Kienzle – on the wrist

read.  Add this to the large effective Date indication @6 and what we have is a really nice watch. Well specified with its Stainless Steel polished case with a brushed finished upper surface, Luminous hands and markers, red centre seconds hand and K1 Mineral glass. It is powered by the Swiss Ronda 6003B quartz movement (374 Renata battery) and finally has an impressive 100m Water Resistance. Note too that the crown has a neat red coloured indented line decoration.

I well remember the first Kienzle watch I owned was one of the very first Radio Controlled ones, which at the time were really well priced against the upcoming Japanese models. It was relatively plain, but it did the job very well indeed and never let me down. I still have a Kienzle Radio Controlled alarm clock, which I remember buying back in the 1990’s I think, which is still in use today.

Re-strapped with Silicon deployment – neater than original

Of course Kienzle have been around a long time, with origins from 1822 according to their web site, with clocks, then clocks and watches – in fact they were the largest producer of watches in Germany back in the 1970’s. Had a foreign investment take over for four or five years, but then back in German hands since 2002 I believe and today their main and very successful range is produced in Hamburg.

NoteI find the dial hour numerals a little unusual.  Unlike most watches the main hour numerals here are all read as if from the dial centre, which is interesting – as most watches tend to change the hour numerals orientation to upright on the lower half of the dial. Using the same centre reading logic, one could be forgiven if you read the date as 80 and not 08 – but of course you don’t.

Odd, isn’t it. . . .?

NoteI added a final image with an orange silicon deployment strap fitted – so much better than the original retro-fit type – slimmer and neater on the wrist.

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