Wrist cuff watches

For those who are not really into watches, but are into wrist cuffs, the featured JewelryWe watches (4 colourways) should fit the brief.  Known imaginatively as Watch Cuffs, it really is the price that’s truly amazing – and that’s maybe around £10 each. . . .

Cuff watch

The leather strap/cuff of each is a different colour and from a fashion conscious guy, really quite smart – and it tells him the time without referring to his Smart Phone – now isn’t that a novelty!

The watches themselves are pretty basic, quartz and the metal is just, well – metal – but they do tell the time and I have to say, they actually look pretty good.  They each weigh just 54 grams, some 1.5 inches diameter and the dials are quite clear and protected with eh – glass.  What I’m saying is, these are basic timekeepers, but as with almost any quartz powered movement these days, they are quite accurate enough for day to day wear.

JewelryWe wrist watch cuffs.

Anyway as wrist watch cuffs or straps, I like them and I like the fact that they are really NOT expensive and are not silly looking (some are) and they are what they are and if you have a damaged wrist – and I sprained mine the other day, they are great as a brace, so a nice coincidence that I spotted them in Amazon.

Actually there are quite a few different styles and Brands there, though these basic versions suit me fine and in fact the more I see them, the more I’m getting in to them.  Reminds me of a long time ago, when a lot younger and I actually remember wearing wrist leathers.  Of course way back then I also used to ride motor bikes – a fact that was brought to mind the other day, when an old pal of mine turned up on a brand new Husqvarna 400cc motorbike – I mean this guy’s no chicken, but acting like a teenager with two tails and loving it.

Now he didn’t have a wrist cuff on, but before he left, he was sporting a watch cuff – one of the set of 4 I’d just gone and bought!
And then he looked really cool!

Am I a trend setter or what?



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