Digital Compass

Moving on (part 2) – complications

not only the same functionality as my previous watch, but has additional functions, such as Radio Control and Solar Power. And yes it also has a Digital Compass which is only noticeable because it says so on the dial! This is something I wasn’t expecting – a rather understated refinement and almost elegant watch from Casio. Isn’t that nice . . . .

Low cost digital track?

Why digital watch manufacturers insist so many times, especially when resin cases are used, to fuse, add, meld and whatever else you call it, a totally bespoke strap fitting to that case is beyond me

Mad or Nomad

I find that with most small portable, like a watch, Digital Compasses, the accuracy is limited and my local declination being small might well be under the accuracy tolerance anyway

Casio – compact choice?

Well I’ve been considering replacing/adding to my old Casio collection and whilst the models I have are still available, I want one with more rugged features and added functionality if possible.  Basically I would like one that maybe has an… Read More ›