Month: February 2015

Bezel calculations & migraine

many folks like myself now will but this type of watch for the looks and the aesthetics rather than any technical calculation functionality, though it’s nice to know that there are some calculations that are not too difficult to manage should the need arise.

The Madison

The Power reserve is theoretically a 10-day power reserve, though is limited to 8 days (192 hours) by a balance stop mechanism to ensure optimum accuracy. So practically you would only wind it maybe 3 times in a month.

Eterna – Antique Fair find

the gold hands and baton markers crisp and clear, the dial’s vertical brushed Gold texture background and wonderfully light contrasting outer index a total delight and all original. Including (and I don’t see this very often, if ever) a fully marked with 5 protruding dots logo Crown which looks really neat and matches the dial logo

This time – I keep it!

the watch is also a Calculator, Pilots delight, Motorists and Nerds friend with all sorts of calculations possible using the bezel and indexes on and within the dial, hence the text everywhere, though if you never use them, it’s OK as they’re not actually obtrusive

How could I . . .

It’s also true to say, that whichever one I choose, that this is one of the classic Citizen milestone models which basically has hardly changed cosmetically from the day it first appeared. Always a good point in any design is when they get it right from day one – and that’s a feat in itself.

Seiko values

My latest trawl through Seiko watches show just how this Company are climbing up the price ladder and somehow the attraction of Astron and GPS enables models isn’t as great as they’d like to think, for me at any rate. … Read More ›

Timex – better or worse?

Once again and disappointingly, Timex have now built-in a bespoke strap arrangement. They’ve narrowed the lugs from the older model, which prevents the use of any standard watch strap and yes you guessed it, you’ll have to buy another one from Timex when it breaks.