Copper Bulova vintage

I’ve always liked copper dials and this vintage 1940’s Bulova “Squadron” is no exception.  14ct Rolled Gold case with factory copper tone dial and a signed manual wind Bulova Calibre 8AE Bulova movement, which is relatively uncommon, with semi-hooded lugs, is a very neat watch by any standards.  The leather beige Laco strap is a nice quality replacement, which suits the overall colour of this ensemble and has just perfect and acceptable wear, looks great on the wrist and is very comfortable to wear.

Bulova vintage copper tone dial

Nice to see an original copper tone dial in such good condition. Note the markers are a combination of raised silver tone markers and indents.  The watch overall is in decent condition with very few scratches on the case and the back is a tight “snap” fit which is always nice.  The case is solid 14ct and appears to be Rolled Rose Gold and the movement winds and runs smoothly, keeping excellent time.

I bought this at auction at a very keen hammer price of just £70.00, which has to be a bargain.  It begs the question why anyone would buy a watch at retail today.  Use common sense and there is no doubt you can still pick up great watches, with some great style (sadly lacking today) at sensible and realistic prices.

This watch is by no means modern, but the movement is working as good as it was when made.  It’s mechanical, so never needs a battery, it’s easy to reset the time for Summer time and so on, the date change is also easy at the half crown position for some of the months – in short it is very easy to live with.

In the same auction I also found a very nice 20 year old quartz mid size in absolute mint condition, at a fraction of it’s new price, though my Wife has snaffled it for herself.  I don’t blame her as it is one very smart looking watch.

So happy auction days recently, which I have to say is really unusual, especially as over this last year I have been banging on about how poor and how expensive auctions are becoming today.  And in general they are unfortunately and I’m sure will come back to bite those selling agents, with fewer successful sales.

But regardless of all that doom and gloom, for me this was a shot in the arm, though caution is the key word.  Today, I am VERY careful at auctions and I never get carried away, especially with the high auction costs, which increase every time you blink!

And whilst Buyer beware has never been a more true statement, this week proves that you can still manage to purchase a bargain as I’ve recently seen one very similar for nearly £300!

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