Updated 18th May 2021

For those who don’t know, this is my personal website and deals mainly with my watch collection over the years.  Price-wise these watches tend to range from low to mid prices, with the odd expensive one thrown in plus some vintage models.  But most will be watches I own have owned, sometimes sold on and more importantly – ones that I definitely wear.  Though I have so many, I have to rotate them daily, otherwise they don’t get wrist time – and that would be bad – I buy ’em to wear ’em!

As these things happen, the collection has sort of grown out of control and I have far too many, but hey! that’s life!.

In addition to my own watches, I now often feature and/or comment on watches or watch subjects of interest to me, maybe where I want to express what is an unbiased and personal opinion.  I have no vested interests with the watch trade, manufacturer or media.

Under “Tech info” (on side menu) – you’ll find some technical bits and pieces I’ve found useful at times – (hopefully not out of date – but that tends to come and go – I don’t have the time to check up everything).  Stuff covered from watch hands to Serial Numbers and Instructions, battery cross reference charts and so on.  I hasten to add that all the information, links and so on are of course copyright of the originators.  And where known, I make reference to that fact (if you or any originator has trouble with this – please let me know).   All data shown is available on public pages and web sites as far as I am aware.

I’ve since added various “watch links” to sites of interest, from Upmarket and “What’s New”, to Retro and Vintage, PLUS links to practical aspects such as Straps and Accessories.

Also over the last few years, I’ve seen an increase in viewers, when I feature stuff I can’t afford! (not my intention when I started out) – but as these are well received and fun – so be it!   ­čśë

I’ve also added some odd pages such as Auction News, Bargain basement, Elegant watch archive, Art (watches) video embedded links, Commentary, Soapbox plus Watch of the week and probably a few others I’ve forgotten about. These may or may not be updated as I go – time will tell.

NOTE – (if any of the links fail to work please let me know and I’ll either update them or delete them).

To those who visit – I offer you a  very warm welcome to WatchSpace.

My Primary web site address is http://watchspace.co.uk OR you can use the provider’s – watchspace.wordpress.com – it will redirect to the Primary.

Note Do not confuse my web site with watch-space.co.uk

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