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With this new theme web site layout – it is now very easy to SEARCH for articles and/or references to much more data than before.  The old site – once I’d Posted an article it was more or less buried and then forgotten, replaced by something new.  Not now . . . . .

So with that in mind –

If you use the “SEARCH” function you’ll be amazed at the number of “finds” you will pick up.  I tried it myself and was really pleasantly surprised.

For example typing in Casio returned some 140 articles, with each page showing around 10 Posts per view and it was actually a nice way to randomly spend a half hour or so reading through them. Typing in digital was no less impressive – just amazing what I’ve written over the years. You’ll should find some stuff you’ve probably not seen before that hopefully might grab your interest for a while.

In fact so impressed was I that I found quite a few things I didn’t realise or forgotten I ever knew – and I wrote them!

My next Post is more or less an opinion – asked of me by a young friend – about his first watch buy – did I like it?  About Swatch SISTEM51 watches.

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