Heat by Nixon

The last digital watch I noted from Nixon was the Regulus, which was fine, but whilst it promised all sorts of features, at the end of the day for me, it was simply too bulky and too fussy.  But of course that’s a personal issue for me, though I have always liked matrix digits.

Nixon ‘Heat’ digital

So I was really pleased to see “the Heat” – which is a very neater and slimmer digital matrix watch with a low profile, 2 simple front mounted pushers, hardened mineral crystal with its 30mm x 8mm super slim stainless steel case, coupled with a 20mm injection moulded rubber band (perforated design for durability, breathability and comfort).

It features the time of day, day/date and an auto calendar to 2099.  Additionally it has a chronograph function, 6 pre-set timers plus 2 custom timer options, plus a custom “SEND!” notification when less than 60 seconds remain.

It also has an EL backlight, so night time is no problem.  It also sports a second time zone should this be needed.

The night EL light can be selected in any mode by simply pressing both pushers together.

I also like the buckle arrangement on the strap, as this style invariably means it’s secure and looks good.  I also particularly like the colour of this one, which is a sort of bronzy, which sets it apart from the ubiquitous black.

So, I love the neat size and it has enough useful functions to honestly use and the price is not unreasonable.  Though personally I doubt I’d use many of the functions, which is sad – it seems as I grow older, knowing the time and the date is about all I need.

But regardless of my ageist comment, for me it meets the “daily beater” criteria nicely and that’s a consideration that some, these days have forgotten.  You wear it and forget it, basically.  Glance at it occasionally and you immediately see the time, the date and to manage that – you have done nothing but glance at it.

Sometimes simple, simple is the best and today that’s no bad thing.

Pricewise here in the UK it’s around the £150 mark and it’s about as no frills as you can get with a digital watch these days.

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