Swatch watch

After having been asked about a Swatch watch a friend bought the other day, I thought I’d have a look at what is currently on offer from Swatch this week.  I used to check them every so often, but what with the problems over the past year, I missed out managing it.

The GAET Swatch Day & Date – quartz

I should add here that my views haven’t changed much over the years regarding what Swatch is all about, and the quick look-see at my friends new Sistem51 watch, confirmed my opinion. Because, checking over the watches around, it more or less cements my thinking, that at the end of the day the Swatch philosophy of “Second Watch” is still absolutely what they are all about, despite some of their latest ideas.

The original idea of simplification of manufacture, product and cost and using the cheap medium of quartz power, coupled with snazzy “modern” and often just printed dial interpretations, caught the public’s imagination and managed to appeal to those who wanted a cheap throwaway second watch, but one that could also show off their persona – and still their main attraction.

Standard Swatch battery housing

Their foray into automatic mechanical watches and associated hype, for me, is a departure from their core – I mean a cheap quartz powered second watch, ie: the classic Swatch watch as the ultimate disposable throwaway, with its cheap prices is one thing and a great idea, but a mechanical automatic at around the £200 mark – as a throwaway? I really don’t think so.

Swatch Blue Blend Quartz Day & Date

So, the models I’ve highlighted here are classic Swatch, practical, affordable and the real Swatch deal to me – snappy design dials, cheap quartz movements allowing all sorts of permutations and looks, sizes, colours and styles and is obviously still the way to go – they sell!

The Blue Blend Bio-sourced

The models I’ve chosen because of their ‘look’ plus their practicality – in that these have my preferred Day & Date indications, for I reckon that’s what’s actually useful – personal choice I know, but it is handy and so practical to know the Time, the Day and the Date, with a quick glance.  And of course, these are all cheap – and affordable is a bonus.

Swatch Ligne De Fuite Day, Date quartz

The black mirror dial Ligne De Fuite, Quartz

The first one is the GAET Highlands Mix with it’s easy read good contrast Day Date, centre seconds hand with its highly coloured two layer silicon strap, black dial. Plastic cased model 41mm diameter and with just 9.85mm case depth. Quartz powered. 30m Water Resistance and around £60-£70.

The second one is the striking coloured Blue Blend bio-sourced model Day & Date watch. The bio-sourced case, strap and clasp – dimensions of 41mm diameter and 9.85mm depth ideal, a printed metal dial, 30m Water Resistance, again at somewhere around £65.

The third choice is the Ligne De Fuite (line of force) model with it’s mirror black effect dial in a matte white plastic case, gives decent definition, so very readable. White/Orange stiped lines silicon strap, Quartz powered, 30m Water Resistance again. Dimensions 41mm diameter and 9.85 depth.

In fact, all of these have the same sensible dimensions and ideal for almost any wrist.  All have the standard Swatch battery hatch on the back, accessed so simply by a simple quarter turn with a small coin and the battery pops out to easily replace, so no special tools needed.

Anyway, that’s my current selection of the more Classic Swatch watches that for me, are the real attraction of what Swatch is, or should be all about. They are affordable, colourful and come with lots of variety. Every day watches that don’t break the bank and that so bizarrely and successfully can reflect whatever the wearer wants their persona to reflect.  And when you think about it, there’s not many watches can manage that trick.

But I’ve probably already got my favourite Swatch watch – the Irony Green Wink – I know – silly name – But I Posted it way back whenever – I link it HERE

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