Junkers – revival

I have a small collection of Junkers watches and as with other brands I like, every so often I check out their newest offerings, basically to see what improvements or otherwise have been added.

The automatic J52 model is one such model that has interested me since it first appeared and today’s version is no exception with that wonderfully figured “ribbed” dial so reminiscent of the Junkers aircraft.

Junkers Tante JU52 Automatic

Junkers Tante JU52 Automatic

The quality is really very good with a great finish stainless steel case and Sapphire crystal through which is the very clear dial layout.  The corrugated dial background with date aperture @3, beautifully shaped dauphinois hour and minute hands with Superluminova in-fills are impressively clear to read (hands made in France apparently).  A long beautifully tapered black centre seconds hand travels majestically around the clearly defined perimeter index.  Strongly defined black numerals complete the dial layout, which is signed Made in Germany at the foot.

Junkers J52 Automatic 24 jewel movement

Junkers JU52 Automatic 24 jewel movement

Note the crown is protected and additionally has two what appear blanking plates either side, perhaps a dual purpose case arrangement, though the Water Resistance is rated as 100m so maybe just cosmetic after all – it does however give the overall look a solidity which is pleasing to the eye.  The back is an exhibition windowed stainless steel screwed back plate through which you can see the excellent 24 jewel automatic signed Pointec movement.  Dimensions are a neat 40mm diameter x 12 mm and the lug to lug is short enough that this model fits the smaller wrist very well.  The strap is a really high quality calf leather with two thicknesses, allowing it to be supportive near the case and yet allow flexibility at the buckle – something others should take note of as often thick leather straps can often be quite clumsy at the buckle fixing.

A delight to wear and certainly makes me interested in enlarging my Junkers collection and has rekindled my love of German brand watches, which I note seem to have undergone a bit of a revival over the last few years – and perhaps overlooked in my case.  But no longer as I will feature a few more in future Posts I’m sure this year.

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