A favourite 5 – Limited Edition

Seems as if Seiko has been around all my life and never let me down.  I seem to recall my first Seiko was bought maybe around 1961 and I’ve still got it.

And would you believe it, some 60 years later I’m still buying them.  And every so often I come across another Seiko that just has to be in my collection.

Seiko Sports 5 Limited Edition Automatic

And this one, surprisingly isn’t a “Sumo” Prospex, which seems to be all the rage with collectors. Instead, this is a Sports 5 from a few years back – a Limited Edition one, yes, but it looks good, it’s in great condition, has the newer 7S36 replacement movement – the 4R36A, so hacks and hand winds – so for me it’s a no brainer – I just have to have it.

So practical, useful and as accurate as I’ll ever need – with its 24 jewel automatic, Diashock movement and a good size, just makes this a great watch to own and wear – every day, period. Not sure why this is a Limited edition, but Seiko know something about clarity, colour and form – and this model shows it all off pretty much to perfection.

Seiko 24 jewel 4R36A Automatic movement

It has the clearest of dials to see at a glance. Large hands, great sweep seconds centre hand and a date and time window @3.  It’s also, as I said, a decent Automatic – just pick it up and it’s running smoothly and looking good.

A very solid construction, this one and with a very solid link bracelet (I prefer the strap as I’m no longer into diving – if ever) it is heavy.  But with the quality matching colour Hirsch leather strap, it feels great on the wrist. Diameter wise it’s around 40mm without crown, which, by the way does NOT screw-down.  However it says on the dial 10bar, so it’s not too shabby, but hardly a serious Diver if truth be told – but good enough for the recreational Diver in us all!

The night clarity is good, but not on a par with my old first series Orange Monster Seiko, which is a shame, as in daylight it is so good.

Seiko Sports 5 on the wrist – leather strap

As I say, I just had to have it, if just for the reason of this particular colour scheme and that wonderful contrast and clarity, which is quite brilliant.  An exhibition back shows the innards and the outer bezel is a one direction affair, which is as it should be and all in – this is a great addition to my collection of Divers and recreational Diver watches.

And the thing about these Sports 5 models is that they are VERY affordable – something some other Brands should take note of – well made, tough, practical, easy to see, properly luminous, hand winding, hacking automatic movement – I mean – what’s not to like!

I won this one at auction and paid not far off the new retail price and happy to do so, just to get this particular one. The reason of course is not just that they are so affordable, it’s more the model/vintage that dictates the value – certainly to me – and I’d pay that price all day long.

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