Month: December 2014

The Diver 300 – Alpina

From an Association founded by Gottlieb Hauser called the Alpina Swiss Watchmakers Association or the “Alpinists” their aim being to develop and optimize the manufacture of movements and timepieces and the control of suppliers, Alpina came fully into being in 1901


the last time I met Charles (no not the Prince!) he was wearing a rather grand red velvet jacket and a green, yes green bow tie. Elegant was probably not the word that sprung to my mind especially when I noted (as if one could not) he was also wearing tan trousers and brown shoes!

Classic gift ideas (1)

the two featured here are very much Classics in their own right and cleverly manage with that distinct Braun look to outdo many of the so called “modern” watches, which by their very blandness tend to court obscurity.


Designer stuff has never been a top priority with me and especially in the world of watches, yet today there are more fashion Brands around than ever.  Once their timepiece offerings were poor quality cheap Asian imports, but today you… Read More ›

The rare Reaper

For looks it is outstanding and definitely will appeal to the macho in all of us and OK it’s black case, black dial, black numerals – in fact pretty much black everything and yet – Wow! look at the important part – the hour, minute, seconds hand and markers – no question of lack of clarity here and as I say – outstanding.

Dark surprise

So although this model is relatively modest and dare I say practical in function capability, visually it is perhaps less so. The case is rather striking in black IP treated Stainless steel and quite glossy though the matching bracelet is toned down a fraction having a satin finish apart from the edges which are also gloss