Casio, Breitling and Briston?

After all the watches I’ve owned, used and worn, my ultimate choices come down to what I like to wear and whether the watch will manage what I want – it’s as simple as that.  And price, believe it or not, has very little to do with it.

Two models are always alternatively on my wrist – my 1999 Breitling Aerospace Titanium and my old Timex Expedition shock job.

Daily beater 1

Daily beater 2

Chalk and cheese I hear you say, but in reality and for me, they both provide a similar functionality.  Both display what I want to see, at a glance – Time, Day and Date and the Timex adds in the Month, which is fine too – though as old as I am, I still tend to know which month it is – but maybe I’m future proofing?  😉
Both watches have many hidden functions, which can be used if you really want to, though in all honesty, hardly ever these days – but nice to have.

Daily beater 3?

However, and the reason for this Post was prompted the other day when I decided to look up what Briston were doing today.  This is the French Brand I first encountered back in 2014, when I bought one of their acetate bodied watches that just seemed right for me at the time.
And looking at their current range – which has expanded somewhat, I’m really pleased to see their original concept is alive and kicking, as that’s what initially got my interest in the Brand.

So, it was this new, but very familiar dial layout design of their new Streamliner Adventure model that got my attention And I thought, a little reminiscent of my Aerospace.  An Ana/Digi or analogue and digital, but with that definite classic Briston look, which still features the wonderful Italian Acetate case design, which back then was what prompted me to buy one of their classic non-chrono models.

This multi-function model, though, displays more or less what I have on my two beaters – the Time, Day and Date – at a glance.  The rest of the functions, as the Breitling are there, if and when you need them.  The Briston, unlike the Aerospace has more than just a crown to adjust, it has the more classic 4 button arrangement – which is no bad thing (the Aerospace has a single crown control which does everything – clever but complicated).

So, this Briston has the look I like and not to forget my Timex – it has that expedition look – that rugged and adventure look.  So my interest piqued, I decided to check the Streamliner out – and who knows? – a possible amalgam of my two favourite watches?

The fact it comes with a velcro wrap strap is a good point too.  A bit like the NATO, but more modern I suppose and not the first I have in my collection. I have a few Timex watches with this concept. The Briston case is fairly chunky and this strap, just like the NATO, really fits a watch to the wrist and holds it firmly in place, like no other. It’s also pretty well fool proof in the water stakes too, as is the watch with it’s 100m Water resistance rating.

I also like the fact that this watch looks – well – just that bit different, though with all this good vibes about it, there is one slight snag.

Did I say that if you like a watch – price has little to do with it?

Well, lets be honest – it’s ALWAYS a consideration – and this Briston is a case in point – in comparison to a classic dive watch for example (and there are many) – It really is relatively expensive at over £300 – and – perhaps just too much – but nice!


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