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A few years back I found a series of watches from a German designer, Rolf Cremer and I liked the look of their range of neat colourful watches. One model really took my fancy back then as it was unusual in that it was a small watch but with a large double date window @12.

Rolf Cremer Bogen Gent –  Double Date clarity.

Today looking at their current range, unfortunately I don’t see any double date windows this time, so just shows that when you see a model that really takes your fancy, you should buy it – assuming you can afford it.  I should have bought this one as it was very affordable at the time.  But too late now!

Rolf Cremer Tower Automatic

However as with most designers, they don’t stand still and they have plenty of new designs on their web site

I like this one. This is the Rolf Cremer Tower Automatic Date watch in red and black, which has a great modern look. The lightning yellow sweep seconds hand is quite striking. The Date window @between 4 & 5 is unusual with the triangle background, again giving it a ‘look’ which is both interesting and clear. The crown is in keeping and is also triangular, with a colour insert in co-ordinating red. The leather strap is in dark red antique finish and compliments the overall look with a stainless steel buckle as is the case which is 42mm diameter.

Rolf Cremer Miyota automatic movement.

The movement is a quality mechanical automatic Miyota (can be seen via the clear glass back) which is a highly reliable workhorse and well suited to the Tower and Mech series of models.

Rolf Cremer Tower automatic 1 of 7 versions

There are 7 versions of this Tower model, all slightly different, but all very interesting and quite unique.  I show here another version, this time with a combination of numerals and markers and whilst in the same manner, has a quite different and individual look all of it’s own.

Suffice to say the range is wide and varied, the use of colour and shapes paramount to the look of this collection, from angles dials to offset faces and so on, it’s always refreshing to see.  One thing is certain, with such a range of diversity, it allows you to choose a model that matches with your own particular persona.  And that’s not an easy thing to manage.  Indeed a Rolf Cremer is immediately identifiable, but never boring.

Which is why they are always on my “Watch List” – Note – they also have quartz models too at a lower price-point. They can be viewed HERE.

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