The Cartier contradiction . .

Cartier and bargain are hardly words you would immediately associate together, indeed you might say they are a contradiction in terms – but in this instance you would be wrong!

Cartier Tank Solo Large W5200003

Whilst I have a couple of old vintage Cartier models, there is a model that’s always interested me and currently still available today.  It’s a model, that for myself and others who own them, is both conservative and understated and which does manage that trick of being a Classic great buy, whether pristine and just out of the box, or pre-owned.  It is, I suppose, a model that’s always tended to sit just under the radar in the “must have” stakes and yet for me personally, out of all Cartier models, this is the one that I have to rate as the definitive Cartier Classic, and given the opportunity, for me, it’s a must have.

Maybe one of the reasons why the Cartier Tank Solo W5200003, is often overlooked, is because it’s quartz (a personal thing) with a stainless steel case (albeit both of high quality) and a plain leather strap or slim deployment.  And as Cartier sometimes do and my particular preference, there’s nothing added here, no gold, no diamonds, no frills – instead just a rather deceptively simple “tell the time” dress watch, that somehow, effortlessly, manages timeless elegance with a quiet and discrete Cartier quality.
Elegant in the extreme and dimensionally very sleek in a classic Tank “style” case, measuring just 27.5 mm x 34 mm and a super sleek 5.6 mm depth.
And this particular model is not just another Cartier “Tank” case either, as there is a slightly different change to the Tank profile – with that flattened upper surface, which somehow accentuates the sleek look of this model, a subtle change, yes, but one I really prefer over the usual rounded profile.

You might also be forgiven for thinking this Cartier is much more expensive than the fact, and for me this is the surprise!
Because even at the retail price, it’s definitely a bargain. Pre-owned, you can get them for around half the retail, at around £1200 and for the date version add another 50% and you’re not far off.

In fact I was so taken with it, that at long last, instead of having my nose pressed up against Cartier’s dealer’s shop window, in awe, I opened the door, walked in and decided to do something about it.

Yes, I bought it – and I’m not saying whether I bought new or pre-owned, but it hardly matters, the condition is perfect – and on the wrist – it really is that good!

And I haven’t regretted it one bit. It’s elegant, slim and sleek and it’s absolutely, undisputedly, Classic Cartier – what could be better?

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