Simple complication

Odd title I know, but it refers to something that’s sort of crept up on me after many years of watch collecting.  Complication, because I quite like the idea of more than just seeing the time and Simple, because I have no wish to check an instructional booklet every time I look at the darned thing, because it might be complicated to operate.

So a bit of nostalgia here, as I refer back to an older Post which I now update.  This is for the Casio Lineage model LW-170M-1AER which exactly illustrates the solution to my dilemma – ie: a Simple complication.

Casio Lineage LCW-M170TD-1AER complication dress watch

This watch is so simple, yet provides considerable complication that’s also practical.  So, good enough as a daily beater and requiring no input from the wearer at all – in other words – super, super simple.

First thing to say is, it’s a model that’s so understated and almost anonymous, it’s a masterpiece.

It is also rather conservatively stylish.  Beautifully made of solid Titanium with subtly sloping brushed sides, polished bezel and a clear analogue dial but also an unobtrusive yet easily readable digital window.  Good luminous hands, neat size, very slim and rather elegant – it simply belies it’s technical prowess.

Solar powered (in fact Casio call it “Tough Solar”) According to Casio it can use weak lighting outdoor or even indoor to provide enough charge energy to operate high power hungry features.  So not just solar powered – this is one very clever watch – more like I’d call super solar powered.
Radio Controlled – with 6 Bands selectable.
World Time feature programmed to 2099.
Super slim at just 9 mm depth and 39 mm diameter.
So basically and right out of the box after first super simple calibration (push one button – 3 minutes with signal) you then strap it on and forget it – period.

More generally this model features are as follows –

5 Alarms, Hourly Time Signal (selectable), World Time programmed to 2099, a Radio Time Signal check 6 times/day usually overnight (once signal success all other time checks are cancelled), 60 minutes Stop Watch, Countdown Timer (1 minute to 100 minutes in 1 second intervals), LED (bright) night lighting, Battery Power indicator.  Power Save function after 60-70 minutes in the dark (second hand parks @12 – display is blank – after 6 or 7 days all hands park @12 and most other functions such as Auto Receive stop, except for internal clock).
As usual with Casio but simpler than normal – the lower left (B) pusher is the Mode, lower right (C) is what I call the “does something” pusher and the top right (A) pusher operates the light mainly, though does have some additional functions.  As per usual for me I set the default view in the digital display to show Day and Date – this can be toggled using the (C) pusher.

My own version – easily fits my 165/70 cm wrist.

The watch is also Water Resistant to 5 bar and the Sapphire Crystal is virtually scratch-less.  It tends to be supplied with a Titanium bracelet which is good, though care should be taken if removing links owing to the Casio hidden split collars within the bracelet – but that’s another story (I covered removal of links in a previous Post).
I prefer it on a neat black silicon deployment strap as it’s comfortable, easy on and off and it looks good.

But as said at the start – this is a watch with a good many features and does NOT require a degree or constant referral to instructions.

Set it how you want it, wear it and forget it!

My first Post on this watch was back in 2016, but there are still versions of this Lineage series around – and I can see why – because it’s one of those models that Casio are very, very good at. It looks good, it’s really quite simple to use, yet with amazing complications, easy to see, very accurate, neat on the wrist – and it’s very difficult to beat – AND it is VERY affordable.

If truth be known, this is probably the only watch anyone would ever need – I kid you not!

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