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Been around for a while now, though this is the first time I’ve actually come across it – possibly as maybe I’m not in the right financial bracket – but anyway – it is a fact and not for the first time, that  an old idea, such as disks instead of hands, comes to the fore, but more than often with little success.  Perhaps another reason why it’s never taken my attention.  – until now –

This time – Ressence have managed to turn this re-invention into a super modern concept that actually manages to excite an old guy like me.  I mean, let’s face it, so many variations of portraying time can be either silly, overly complicated or darn right ludicrous.

The super cool Ressence Type 1 – Orbital Convex System – copywrite Ressence

Not so with this wonderful high quality model from Belgium – the Ressence type 1 watch.  The first time I saw it I was hooked – it is just amazing!  It’s a true mobile display that works on every level for me.  Clarity is superb and so easy to read, day or night, instant calendar information, Date, Day, am/pm, hours, seconds and all in a truly inspired case, with a setting system that is both innovative, efficient and seemingly easy to manage.

The Ressence Orbital Type 1

The featured one is the Type 1, which I assume is the simplest of them and there are 5 models in all, each with a different aspect and look, but with the same integral patented three-dimensional complication or ROC – the Ressence Orbital Convex  system.

The image here just gives an impression of the look.  CHECK OUT the following link –


It gives you an idea of how it moves and gives a glimpse into the amazing system that could be on your wrist – though unfortunately for me – way out of my price range.

And the Type 5 is just something else!  Especially underwater!  You can see it HERE – amazing!

But I can dream!

Notethe images/ link are property & Copywrite of Ressence and I show them simply as reference to something special – I’m in awe!

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