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Sometimes the ladies can get a mention now and then – so many watch sites are virtually men only – but this time I found a great modern girl watch.  None of the tiny vintage dial models that Granny or your Mother used to wear that often used to twist around with little silly bracelets, but a really decent and classy watch.

Junkers South America 6539-5 Quartz Ladies Date watch

This one is from the well known German Brand and is the Junkers F13 – or South America 6539-5, which I think you’ll agree would not be immediately thought of as a Ladies models – but it is – and looks really good.

This is a quartz powered watch, so wear it and forget it for a few years easily before the battery needs changing.  Accurate too, as quartz these days is about as good as anyone needs. Great gold coloured case with an off yellow dial and VERY clear to read with those large hands, small seconds index and actually a pretty decent size date window @3. (some of their Gents models don’t). It’s also got a really good sized crown, so very easy to set the time on those non 31 day months.

The crystal is hardened mineral glass and there is a good brown leather strap with tang buckle. A neat little diamond stud @12, just sets it off and dimensions are ideal at 36mm x just 8mm case depth, so really slim.  It is powered, as I say with Quartz, but this is a Ronda Swiss movement, so should be pretty decent. And to cap it all it has a decent 50m Water Resistance, which you don’t often get with say a ladies fashion watch.

I also noticed the little decoration in the background centre of the dial, which is another subtle feminisation of this piece.

So, a rock solid model from Junkers, but this time for the ladies and certainly for the modern girl, not your granny.

I like it so much I have to admit to being quite tempted myself and I’m in two minds whether I should let my Wife read this Post, as this is a watch size that she really likes, (my mistake for showing her my old Patek at 36mm) so there’s no question she’ll quite fancy this.

And it’s definitely affordable, it really is, as I’ve seen it for under £200 after Customs charges.

Note – This Post can also be found in the Ladies section PAGE.

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