100 years Zeppelin, but . . .

Having a soft spot for German watches, this one from Zeppelin should be a really nice addition to anyone’s wrist, but note I say “should”, as I have reservations.

Zeppelin 100 years Dual Time - Swiss Quartz Ronda 6203.B

Zeppelin 100 years Dual Time – Swiss Quartz Ronda 6203.B

The Zeppelin Men’s 100 Years Zeppelin Dual Time Brown Leather Strap Watch – 7640-1 is certainly one of the most handsome models around that doesn’t break the bank at under £150 discounted.

The classic dial has a Big Date window @12 and a Dual Time sub-dial @6 which is freely adjustable.  It’s powered by the excellent Swiss analog Quartz Ronda 6203.B Normtech jeweled movement with a specified 40 months battery life.
The silver colored dial has in contrast black steel hour, minute and center seconds hands and dot markers with the tachometer figuring look good and about as traditional as you can get.

But for me they have missed out on a most important aspect and that’s night time use.  I see no luminous hands or markers to this dial, which in my opinion is a real let down as once it’s dark – you too are in the dark as far as reading the time (and in a balloon high in the sky at night? – Zeppelin?)

I thought when I first saw it that the well shaped hour and minute hands had luminous infills, but to my dismay these are simply skeletal and even the markers are silvered dots, so it appears there’s no luminous anything on this watch face and that’s disappointing.

Zeppelin 100 years Dual Time

Zeppelin 100 years Dual Time

The case is a nice hand finished Stainless Steel and at 42mm diameter and only 11mm in height it’s well proportioned and yet, here again it is, perhaps marginally, let down by what is a relatively modest Water Resistance of just 5ATM.

The Zeppelin image

The Zeppelin image

I mean for me the whole concept of Zeppelins and aircraft and scenes of these great Zeppelins hanging in the night sky and flying, and all that entails, surely means practicality and being able to see in the dark is one element that to my mind is absolutely essential.  So to have what I would consider a must have functionality missing, is a great disappointment.
Indeed it’s stopped me from adding this model to my affordable collection, which is a shame as I was looking forward to enjoying it.

But hey, that’s life and one thing I have found over the years is that when it comes to watches, it’s always tricky to get just what you want.

Note –
It does show that you should be careful when checking images on the internet.  It’s very easy to assume that the hour and minute hands in this second image are luminous infilled – and they’re not.  The first image is much clearer and shows the true picture.



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