Vintage Christmas Classic (pre-owned vintage)

A favorite vintage classic model for Christmas is this Blancpain Stainless Steel, 18k Gold Automatic Calendar & Full Moon Phase model Rf.6595.

Blancpain Automatic Calendar with Full Moon Phase

Blancpain Automatic Calendar with Full Moon Phase

Automatic winding, Sapphire crystal and just 34mm diameter it’s the perfect dress watch with style and very difficult to beat.

In very good condition for a pre-owned watch and at a price of – £2198.00.  For me this has to be a gift!

I’m surprised this hasn’t been sold already as the quality of this Brand at this price means Christmas has come early!  Sadly I’m unable to buy this one myself though sorely tempted, as I’ve already spent my 2014 allowance, what with a vintage IWC, a vintage Omega and a very old Pocket Watch, all this month and it’s only the 10th . . . .  😉

I hasten to add that I am not selling this watch – that’s not my business.  However it is for sale at one of the European Dealers and can be found on and was available when I wrote this Post.
I thought Hey! as it’s Christmas why not highlight what I consider a great buy – but maybe that’s just me and giving a hint to friends and family . . . 😉

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