Friend of mine asked if I knew of any watch models that had color – bright color, but he was on a budget (getting a small gift for his boy at Christmas) and his lad just loves color.

AstroAvia Alarm Chronograph 4 Jet

AstroAvia V9S Alarm Chronograph

I think it runs in the family and being kind I always thought that the entire family had a color sense issues, especially as the last time I met Charles (no not the Prince!) he was wearing a rather grand red velvet jacket and a green, yes green bow tie.  Elegant was probably not the word that sprung to my mind especially when I noted (as if one could not) he was also wearing tan trousers and brown shoes!

But we all have our little foibles and why should I criticize – I once had a multicolor Citroen CV that my girl friend at the time thought hideous and I thought really cool!  It was so serious that it was her ultimatum – the car or it’s over!  Well there was of course no question about it – I kept the car . . .  😉  😉

Anyway I digress – his son obviously takes after his Dad and I thought this watch might do the trick – and it’s rather military-ish style might appeal.Ashampoo_Snap_2014.12.14_21h07m58s_007_

This is the AstroAvia V9S Alarm Chronograph and I’ve just thought it would be an excellent match to my friends attire!  But mum’s the word!  Anyway it’s a pretty stylish military style model with a YN 64 Quartz Japan movement, so will keep pretty decent time.  Matte stainless steel case with Black PVD plating and screw back rated 3 ATM, is 43mm diameter by just 11mm depth, so OK for the boy – he’s 14 years old and already going on 6 feet and gangly.  An Alarm function and Chronograph (60 minute timer, 1/5th secs and split times) plus a second Time Zone feature, 24 hour dial, Mineral crystal, black background dial with red sub dials, very green numerals and a white center sweep seconds had – plus a Date window between 4 & 5.

It also features a killer red ringed top push button to start the chronograph which seems just right to me and a Tachymeter scale round the perimeter – in fact the more I look at this the more I like it myself!

Great stainless Steel band is 22mm so looks in proportion has butterfly buckle and twin pushers.  I forgot to mention the hands and dial numerals by the way are coated in Luminova – not Superluminova which is a pity as SuperL is definitely better – and I’ve always been slightly disappointed in Astro’s night look, but hey! maybe they’ve improved.  The image supplied by AstroAvia is brilliant – as they tend to be, but how it performs after an hour in the dark – your guess is as good as mine.

I’ve seen it for around £140-£170 here in the UK which is within his budget  it comes with a 2 year Guarantee and I have a feeling his boy will love this – I know I’m quite taken by it . . . .


I did consider another colorful model this time from Swatch and whilst I have a lot of time for this Brand, it was back to the plastic cased fashion style watch, though in fairness close up it’s quite a substantial piece of kit, especially the substantial hour and minute hands and the dial markers.  But on balance I didn’t think it would really appeal to this adult yearning lad – the military style steel cased model being more up his street.

Swatch SUUB401 "Chromatic Water" model

Swatch SUUB401 “Chromatic Water” model

But it’s certainly colorful – this is the Swatch “Chromatic Water” series Multi-color Black Dial unisex model SUUB401 at 42mm diameter x 15mm depth and 20m Water Resistance with Silicon Rubber strap and buckle.  Cheaper at around $66 in USA, so perhaps near the £100 once in the UK – and there probably wasn’t time to get it anyway for Christmas.

However in the event whilst it’s certainly a “color” contender, in this instance it’s no contest as the AstroAvia definitely has the “look” and is a very adult watch.  It manages to get away with the color scheme too, as it just seems to work!

I’m hoping my suggestion of the AstroAvia will be just fine.  On the other hand if the boy hates it – I’m just a call away!  😉


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