Classic gift ideas (1)

Out of all the Braun watches this for me is probably my favorite choice, simply because I can easily see the time and the proportions are right.  This is the Braun BN0142BKBKG – in black.

Braun Gents BN0142BKBKG-Black

Braun Gents BN0142BKBKG-Black

It’s a neat size at 40mm diameter and only 9mm deep, black matte dial with White Hour and Minute hands, yellow center seconds hand and a nice light Blue contrasting 24hr/GMT pointer.

A white against black Date window @3 with a tiny Red marker at the edge.  The outer 24hr index is printed blue to match the pointer and the only other feature is the Braun logo in white.  All in all this model has great clarity and that’s a big plus in my book.  It features a Swiss GMT/dual time Ronda movement and the case is non glossy black coated Stainless Steel with a black leather strap.  Price wise this can be sourced for perhaps around £120.

My second choice is the Braun BN0159BKBKG which features an Ana/Digi dial with a neat digital function set – Dual Time, Day, Date, Alarm, Chronograph and an EL back-light.  A PU black rubber strap made specifically for comfort according to Braun so should be good.  Like most Chronographs there are two pushers on the right side of the case and a well figured Crown.  44mm wide by 10mm deep this is slightly larger and again can be sourced for no more than £150 mark.
Could be a Japanese movement this time as I couldn’t find the specification listed, but that’s often the case and I would assume it’s of good quality from Braun, so no worries there.

I like the fact they use the ana/digi style here for the chronograph as I’ve found before with Braun when they add analogue sub-dials, the overall dial can become a bit cluttered for me – the digital display neatly avoids that and is much neater as a result.

Braun BN0159BKBKG Ana/Digi Chronograph

Braun BN0159BKBKG Ana/Digi Chronograph

So if you like the Braun style then either one of these could be a worthwhile choice as a gift.

They both have that “today” appearance which is no mean feat when considering the first model drew it’s inspiration from the iconic Braun AW24 of the 1980s.

I would comment that the two featured here are very much Classics in their own right and cleverly manage with that distinct Braun look to outdo many of the so called “modern” watches, which by their very blandness tend to court obscurity.

I also like the fact that should you (Heaven forbid) have a problem with any Braun model there is a UK phone and address for servicing & Guarantee work.


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