Month: November 2014

World Time elegance

In fact today many of the Fashion Houses are producing some excellent watches, both in quality, technical terms and in features and which often display an elegance that some of the mainstream Watch manufacturers are lacking

Something different

Just a brief look at something different, seeing Xmas is just around the corner are the two watches I’ve selected for this Post – First is the wonderfully colored 666 Under Pressure 11 – in Blue from Barcelona. Striking looking… Read More ›

Now the time is?

Also you can move the outer bezel which in turn moves the entire dial around, so that if the watch is off your wrist and sitting on it’s side, you can move the 12 o’clock position to the top and the watch reads as if it was sitting upright – get it? Utterly fascinating and brilliant I am absolutely sure . . . .

Nixon Baha Compass

Further to my last Post where I looked at some Military style models.  I mentioned in passing the Nixon Unit 40 which I thought might be a consideration IF the digits and dial contrast was readable in all light situations. … Read More ›

Military look? (1)

Good question actually as the so called “military” watch is somewhere between a rainbow and the Holy Grail!  Such a maligned term and used as a descriptive on so many watch models that often the models referred to can make… Read More ›

A shock a day?

I particularly like the analog time functions with decent solid hands, large hour markers and the numerical bezel, which incidentally make it look more like a conventional watch than most G-Shock models