The rare Reaper

I’ve always like the look of the entire Dievas range of watches, but this model – the Dievas Reaper – well it says it all for me!

The Dievas Reaper - nothing else like it.

The Dievas Reaper – nothing else like it.

For looks it is outstanding and definitely will appeal to the macho in all of us and OK it’s black case, black dial, black numerals – in fact pretty much black everything and yet – Wow! look at the important part – the hour, minute, seconds hand and markers – no question of lack of clarity here and as I say – outstanding.

Great components too with Sapphire Crystal, a Swiss Automatic ETA 2824-2 housed in a premium 316L CNC watch case, which has 30µm layered hardening of the case to 1300 Hv on the Vickers scale(6 times the original hardness of normal stainless steel) – so it don’t scratch too easy!

The bezel is uni-directional, the case is 50m Water Resistant and just 43mm diameter.  Let’s face it – it makes most Shocks look prissy!

In daytime great - at night even better!

In daytime great – at night even better!

Striking Superluminova hands are something special in that incredible bright yellow – the contrast is amazing day and night.  A good leather strap and steel buckle complete the picture if you can drag your eyes away from those hands!

IF you can get one, then this is a great gift and will undoubtedly elicit a Wow! from the receiver.  Now OK it’s been around for a while and was a limited edition, but IF you see one and it’s in good condition I would not hesitate.  I actually did see one recently but too late – it was gone!

Dievas Reaper with Swiss ETA 2824-2 Automatic movement

Dievas Reaper with Swiss ETA 2824-2 Automatic movement

And whilst it may seem a”mysterious” model it is actually open at the back – well via an exhibition window that is – there you can see the ETA movement ticking away – it’s alive!

Seems to me that once you have one of these models you might just see one in an Estate auction, if the relatives missed it that is – because it is a rare specimen these days and if I could get my hands on one – then it’s Christmas for me whatever the time of year!

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