Designer stuff has never been a top priority with me and especially in the world of watches, yet today there are more fashion Brands around than ever.  Once their timepiece offerings were poor quality cheap Asian imports, but today you can find pretty decent watch models that can compete with some of the more traditional Brands.

Day & Date window CK  from the 2014 range

Day & Date window CK from the 2014 range

CK or Calvin Klein, the Fashion House which started way back in 1968, launched their Watches line in 1997 and each year bring out a new range to tempt the fashion conscious amongst us.

I’ve picked three that look good to me, though apologies in advance as I’ve seen these only from a distance, so little or no details and it really surprised me to find that many of the latest CK models are in fact very difficult to find, certainly in retail outlets.

CK design at it's best imo - love the date wheel aperture.

CK design at it’s best – love the date wheel aperture.

Movement wise they all feature Quartz, but no detail as most of the customer base are more interested, I’m guessing, in the “look” rather than technicalities.  And these particular models certainly “look” good to me and show off the “designer” aspects of the Company.

The only model I have price details on and model number is the last one – the Green “Visible” watch which has a retail of around £250, though I have seen it for less.

CK Green "Visible" Watch K2V214DX Date watch

CK Green “Visible” Watch K2V214DX Date watch

What each of these models has however is “style” apparently 2014 designs and certainly shows that design is definitely not dead.

Unfortunately the prevalence of “G” this and “Tough” that has sort of blindsided us away from the fact that we don’t all want outdoor, military, rugged watches when we’re out to dinner, or taking in a show.  Sometimes we want a bit of “bling” – without being too ostentatious of course – and perhaps a more subtle and elegant hint of design to go with that new suit and one that actually manages to fit under a shirt cuff.

However as I said, these are not that easy to find, especially the first two featured and to me this is extraordinary, especially on the run up to Christmas – which is THE time for giving gifts and if you can’t show off at least a bit of “flash” at the party, when can you!

Anyway for what it’s worth, I feature them here as some more ideas for you at this festive time – if you can find ’em!

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