Month: August 2014

Combo nights (2)

Well I’ve trawled long enough and I’ve decided on my pick for a Combo model for this month.  And first thing to say is, it hasn’t been easy this time and in danger of revising my basic requirement list. Basic… Read More ›

Combo nights (1)

Quite a few of the Casio range and I include the Pro-Trek range just fail my criteria – Now it is a personal thing but lighting is so important for me and I’m not convinced these models quite manage what I need

Military style?

But it fits so well of course because the lug to lug dimension is only 45mm, the strap is a very soft rubber with steel buckle, the lugs are very neat and the strap is not held away from the case body like a Casio, but go straight around your wrist

Relative values

The MTG shown here is over £500 here in the UK which I think personally is pretty steep for a Casio G-Shock in this style, especially in comparison to my own Tough Solar Casio which cost UNDER £100. I’m really struggling to justify the large price differential.

G-Shock deployment

the DW5600E is a favorite for a few reasons. One it is a neat size for a G-Shock as it’s 43.6mm across the center though the lug to lug is over 50mm and actually larger than it needs to be with the standard Casio strap fitted, owing to the under-strap molding that holds the strap out from the case. This in fact is another reason for the strap change, but more of that later.

Clearly Torgoen

As said, Torgoen have quite a nice range of different Series models, but for me this typifies their original concept best. Clear and easy time reading day or night, clear date information, Alarm and GMT functions without clutter despite being a really quite busy dial.