Month: July 2014

The Elegant Watch (7)

Based on the old concept of young love, where the petals of a daisy are plucked one by one in a bid to find out if her beau truly loves her after all, this amazing Christoph Claret complication is beautifully made, very attractive and charming too.

The Unit – Nixon SS

It also has a “tough” look enhanced by the protected dial which uses sections of the case as dial areas, which is a neat idea and one that is not obscuring any data.

G-Shock smoothie

I have to admit that as much as I like G-shock models, some of them are so knobbly and oversize that I find them uncomfortable and sharp to the fingers when trying to use the buttons.

Amazing, inventive & cheap?

However the features do appear pretty comprehensive and the addition of a GPS with track functions, brings it into the same ball park as the Garmin Forerunner, or perhaps even the Fenix. Then the price doesn’t look too bad after all – it all depends on how the watch performs and there’s only one way to find that out. Buy one!

Quality & Style

And as Cartier models go, this is not the most expensive by any means at around £7000 and is such an attractive model that I feel inclined to save up or perhaps trade in a few older watch models in the hope of getting one