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When a group of watch makers and aviation enthusiasts get together, the result is Torgoen – a Swiss watch company that excels in the “pilot” watch design format rather well.   In amongst the range of models they produce, the one that stands out for me is from their T30 range – the T30304.

Torgoen T30 T30304

Torgoen T30 T30304

I like this particular model as for me it is the clearest to read by virtue of the color combinations used on the dial face.  Because the dial is quite busy with 5 main hands plus the small seconds hand making 6,  it’s important to highlight only the parts that are meaningful.  Note that the Brand name on the dial is muted as is the model series number.  The main numerals @12, 3, 6 and 9 are also muted, but we know where they are by virtue of the highlighted indices markers.  The main hands and relevant details are strongly highlighted by the use of orange Super Luminova luminous bright color, which stands out very clearly against the overall muted dark dial.  Note too the Alarm pointer is black until the bright orange arrow tip, again to prevent distraction, unlike the T30301 which I find cluttered in comparison, owing to the 24hr and Alarm pointers being unnecessarily bright.  On this model too the hour and minute hands are full infill and not skeletal which once again aids clarity.

Note how only data that "needs" to be read is highlighted.

Note how only data that “needs” to be read is highlighted.

The details of this model are common to the series and specification wise it’s pretty good.
45mm x 13mm IP 316L Stainless Steel case with screw back and a 100m Water Resistance.  K1 super hardened mineral glass, seconds sub dial @2, Big Date window @6 and a Swiss ISA 8176/1990 movement as the power source.
A GMT center driven pointer and 12 hr Alarm pointer are the additional complications on the dial.   A 24mm wide PU strap with IP stainless steel buckle and a 3yr Guarantee complete the specification.

As said, Torgoen have a nice range of different Series models, but for me this typifies their original concept best.
Clear and easy time reading day or night, clear date information, Alarm and GMT functions without clutter despite being a busy dial.  It has good water resistance and has a basic strap arrangement without being of the molded variety – and that’s always a plus for me.  It is also a sensible size, without being overly macho – another plus point for me.

So all in all a very nice watch and one that I may well decide hopefully to have myself before the year is out.

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