Momentum Format 4 Titanium Ana-Digi

Combo nights (1)

Quite a few of the Casio range and I include the Pro-Trek range just fail my criteria – Now it is a personal thing but lighting is so important for me and I’m not convinced these models quite manage what I need

The Powerhouse Format

I call it the powerhouse! For those in the know some apt descriptions come to mind – such as the T90, the Type 90 (Kyu-maru), AMX-56 Leclerc, the T57, the Soviet IS-3, the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte and finally the Challenger 2.
OK maybe I’m a bit over the top here – and for those not in the know these are all main battle tanks of various Countries, but you get my drift. – the Format 4 is a VERY solid piece of work! and built like one.

G-Shock not for you?

What I do see in the Momentum Format 4 is a very fast legible take up analogue face, plus a secondary digital display and function set that meets and surpasses anything I’m ever likely to need or even want to use