Casio “beater”

One of the things that Casio are really good at is making a model that does enough to satisfy the average guy.

Casio DW9052-1V

Casio DW9052-1V

This model is the Casio DW9052-1V which features a similar function set to the older, but very excellent classic DW5600E, which is already one of my favorite models by Casio.  Different modules used, but essentially they perform a similar role – the secret being – not too much and not too little.

And one of the VERY best features of this model is the size.  It is NOT too big.  The resin case is just 45mm across which is pretty neat for a G-Shock and the pushers are well shrouded yes, but a nice big size to get your fingers on.  The digital display is a two window affair and basically show Day, Date and Month plus the time of course and on selection features functions such as – 1/100 Stopwatch/Chronograph to 60mins and a 1 second stopwatch to 24hrs.  Countdown alarm with Auto-repeat, 12/24 hr selectable and an Auto Calender up to 2039.   It’s powered by a CR2016 2yr battery and has a back light “illuminator” operated by the front pusher.

The bracelet idea is a little different fitting from the older models and wraps better around the wrist and the watch is also water resistant to 200m.  No World Time or Dual Time so if you want to travel, then you’ll just have to adjust the time – and that’s easy.  It also features a dial that’s not too fussy and for me this represents a useful and practical “daily beater” watch that will do you many years of great service.

You can pick it up here in the UK for around £50 which I think is very good value.

Note – The layout of this model I found to be very Timex like with the large and easier to push than usual for Casio pushers and the back light mounted on the front as Timex.  Could be the reason I like this model and of course the sensible size for once.  Pity about the bracelet/strap fitting which I would have preferred to be standard.  But for the money this is a good all round model and well worth it.

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