Timex Expedition T49976

Traveling 2015

For time changing it’s the best there is – To change to a Destination Time Zone, simply pull out the Crown, turn to another City Time Zone. The seconds hand instantly indicates that City on the dial index, push in the Crown and the analogue hands move around to the new time. It could not be easier.

Timex – better or worse?

Once again and disappointingly, Timex have now built-in a bespoke strap arrangement. They’ve narrowed the lugs from the older model, which prevents the use of any standard watch strap and yes you guessed it, you’ll have to buy another one from Timex when it breaks.

Military look? (1)

Good question actually as the so called “military” watch is somewhere between a rainbow and the Holy Grail!  Such a maligned term and used as a descriptive on so many watch models that often the models referred to can make… Read More ›