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I was checking the other day for a new Casio ana-digi combo watch and found this upmarket model, the Casio MTG-1500-1AER.

MTG series 1500B from Casio - but is it value for money?

MTG series 1500B from Casio – but is it value for money?

The specification and function set was more or less what I was looking for and is one of the few Casio analog and digital models with full hands as opposed to skeleton style.  I’ve always found the skeleton hands to be much harder to see in both daylight and night, especially on Casio, as the luminosity, apart from their Divers range, whilst OK, is not the best.
So decent filled hands are what I was looking for, which will at least maximise the luminous effect and the digital window is large enough to be visible.  I was also glad to see this had a positive display as the negative displays always have clarity issues.

My Casio Solar Tough WVA470 - similar specification.

My Casio Solar Tough WVA470 – similar specification. (stock image)

So all seemed pretty good, until I compared it to my older model Casio Tough Solar WVA-470, I realized in regards value for money, this newer MTG model might fall short.

The MTG shown here is over £500 here in the UK which I think personally is pretty steep for a Casio G-Shock in this style, especially in comparison to my own Tough Solar Casio which cost UNDER £100.  I’m really struggling to justify the large price differential.

My own Casio WVA470 on my wrist as I post.

My own Casio WVA470 on my wrist as I post.

My older WVA model has almost the same functions, 2 receiver Radio Control (as opposed to 6), Solar, 1/100 sec Chronograph, 3 Alarms, battery indicator and with decent analog hands, a center seconds hand and a good digital display.

Function indicators on the WVA model are small digital indicators within the display, which are neat and take up very little dial space.
The bracelet is also all stainless steel without the resin inserts of the MTG model and very comfortable too.   It also doesn’t have or need in my opinion, the bold instructions on the bezel or any of the overdone lettering and doesn’t suffer from any kind of dial clutter.

AND it’s a neater size at just 42mm width and only 12mm depth and as regards toughness – well the Tough Solar models have always been  pretty decent in that respect.

So a little disappointed by the price of the newer MTG model, as the advantages(which may be debatable) don’t seem to justify the large price increase, to me at any rate.   Far from upgrading my Casio models now, I’m looking at just what you are really getting for the money, especially in the light of the much higher prices being asked for this range.  Which is of concern as Casio and G-Shock models have to me always represented real value for money, so it’s a shock (excuse the pun) to find a range from Casio that might, value wise, fall short of my expectations.

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