Gulfmaster or Rangeman?

I like it because it’s all digital with no analog provision and looks actually quite plain, or unobtrusive perhaps is a better description. Just another G Shock you may think, but it’s actually very much a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Casio Rangeman GW-9400CMJ-3ER

G-Shock deployment

the DW5600E is a favorite for a few reasons. One it is a neat size for a G-Shock as it’s 43.6mm across the center though the lug to lug is over 50mm and actually larger than it needs to be with the standard Casio strap fitted, owing to the under-strap molding that holds the strap out from the case. This in fact is another reason for the strap change, but more of that later.

A Classic but is it for me?

This is doubly tricky as it’s the most difficult pusher to reach for a left wrist wearer who is right handed. Also as each of the pushers are really rather small I already find it tricky to “find” the night light for example (bottom right) especially in the dark and end up fumbling around with my (small) fingers searching for it. The case has many hollows and bumps so one recess or bump one feels much like another.