Month: April 2014

Fashion & Design 1

Always a fascination, this Fashion and Design business especially when you consider that without either one, not only would the watch world be a dull place, but so would much of the rest of the planet.   I put the two… Read More ›

Playtime – P01TIME Watch

Always nice to see models appearing that are NOT from the big 4 or mainstream digital manufacturers, that maybe are fashion statements or watches to compliment their particular area of interest. The P01TIME is one such brand, launched by Japanese… Read More ›

Any time, anywhere . . .

It scores over the competition as it has a remarkable signal pick up time of just 3 seconds and will indicate the correct time is any of the 40 odd times zones on the planet

Reverse engineering?

You could argue that many of the complications you find on watches might well be more accurately described as gimmicks, as basically a watch is a tool to indicate the time – period.  What with all the added functionality, boosted… Read More ›

Round up

two very different but very stylish models this week that are currently available, both sensible in size, style and price. And frankly after the onslaught of brash oversize digital offerings around at the moment with their often unnecessary over functionality, these are a welcome breath of fresh air.