Month: April 2014

Still a Classic?

I suppose it’s difficult for a watch company to keep introducing and improving models, especially as some of them are considered classics now and so it is with the Citizen Promaster Navihawk.  This is a model I’ve always liked and… Read More ›

Dive to be seen!

I suppose being a bit of a purist still, I tend to think of a divers watch as one that has broad luminous hands and absolute ease of clarity underwater in poor light situations and I sometimes wonder about any digital only display in these circumstances.

Fashion and Design 2

Another small selection of the best design and fashion influenced models around, though the first one, the Raymond Weil is actually a few years old now – Interesting silver dial with it’s sapphire anti-reflective coated crystal, with a Day and… Read More ›

Something different (1)

Always on the lookout for “something different” and this week it’s the turn of two rather standout models from Android. The first one is the rather unique “Rotator” 50 Auto AD739BKR, which as you see wears it’s rotor on the… Read More ›

Smart or not so smart?

Well, later this year we are going to be inundated with these peculiar little gadgets called Smart Watches, though to me it seems almost more like a surrealistic exercise in technology for technologies sake.   A test of just what else… Read More ›

Seiko Premier Classic

It’s almost unbelievable that when the name Seiko is mentioned by some of the modern kids today (and many adults I might add), there is almost a dismissive shrug of the shoulders – as if the Seiko brand was just… Read More ›