Tissot – a light touch!

And about time I’d say – Tissot at last updates it’s “Touch” series with this very stylish offering – the T Touch Expert Solar.

Tissot T Touch Expert Pro Solar.

Tissot T Touch Expert Pro Solar.

As the title this is now solar powered and not just any old ordinary Solar, but able to power the watch for an astonishing 1 year with just 1 hour of sun applied to the face!   The model is also fair bristling with functions, some 25 in all, from the ubiquitous compass, Altitude reader (they don’t call them altimeters anymore!), Timers and Weather Forecast/Predictors and goodness knows what else.

I can also forecast that the instruction booklet will be many, many pages and will have to be studied carefully if you’re going to get the best out of this machine.   And of course not forgetting the “T touch sensitive screen dial that starts it all off.  Case wise it’s titanium so it’s nice and light weight.

The dial for me is one of the best features of this new Tissot, as it’s the cleanest I’ve seen, not that they were too cluttered before, but here their designers have surpassed themselves and really come up with one of the best faces I’ve seen for a long time on any ana-digi model!   In fact the entire watch, case and dial design is quite exceptional in my opinion, though I have no data on the dimensions as yet.   I understand it is around 45mm diameter, so large but not excessively so and I note the back is very tidy in comparison to it’s predecessor, so it could well be thinner, which would be very good indeed.

Here is a video of the model in action – it shows pretty well and I for one am looking forward to this model – could bring my Birthday forward for this one!

Don’t know when it will be here and available here in the UK or the price, but here’s hoping it’s not too long or too much.

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