Playtime – P01TIME Watch

Always nice to see models appearing that are NOT from the big 4 or mainstream digital manufacturers, that maybe are fashion statements or watches to compliment their particular area of interest.

P01TIME from Playtime Japan.

P01TIME from Playtime Japan.

The P01TIME is one such brand, launched by Japanese snowboarding company Playdesign.  This model is from their 3rd collection and called Super Digital which has a IP coated 46mm diameter stainless steel case, mineral crystal, Water Resistance of 3ATM  and nylon strap and available in a range of color combinations.

Various color combinations

Various color combinations

No details I’m afraid, as I just spotted it and haven’t managed to access any real technical information on these, but they obviously appear to have the Time, Day, Date and possibly a Chronograph and or timer.  Not so obviously they could have either a 2nd time zone or even a World Time feature as they are showing TKO in pace of the Day on the images shown here.

I particularly like the large digital Time display, which appears on first looks to have great clarity and I also just like the look of the watch – sort of military sporty and pretty rugged too.  My color of choice is actually the plain version as shown on the larger image.

I also like the fact that many of these “fashion” or accessory models today are of much better quality than hitherto and not just “throwaway” items, but often serious timepieces in their own right.

However as to the P01TIME (3rd Collection) I somehow doubt we’ll ever see it here in the UK, though it appears well stocked by domestic Dealers in Japan.   So if of interest, maybe a trip to Japan or a virtual Internet Dealer such as is the only answer.   Priced at 12,96YEN this is the equivalent of around £76 UK plus any mail/customs charges and IF they deliver to the UK.

However if you can get one – you could well have a model on your wrist that your friends won’t have!  Is that cool or what!

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