Any time, anywhere . . .

This seems to be the big thing for 2014, certainly from the big 3 makers, Seiko, Citizen and Casio who have invested heavily in this GPS accurate world time idea.   From older ideas back in 2011, they are now really starting to make models that are no longer experimental/gimmicky, but real contenders for “the watch” or certainly the most accurate watch for anytime, anyone and anywhere.

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100

My preference is for the Citizen as it’s the most uncluttered dial, the easiest to see and without doubt the best clarity of them all.  It’s also light titanium cased and banded and for a model of this complication, very thin at 12.4mm depth.   The diameter isn’t too bad either at 45.4mm, though folks with an average wrist size of 165mm might find it on the limits from lug to lug, but probably manageable.

It also scores over the competition as it has a remarkable signal pick up time of just 3 seconds and will indicate the correct time in any of the 40 times zones on the planet.  It’s also very accurate with the new F100 caliber at +/- 5 seconds/month without a signal.  Being Eco-Drive of course you can forget any battery issues and the light/power conversion is better than ever and the power reserve is pretty awesome at 7 years in the dark in a drawer!

The final plus for me – it’s at a price point that’s not totally unreachable at around £1300 UK or less and it’s expected sometime this summer.

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