Seiko Premier Classic

It’s almost unbelievable that when the name Seiko is mentioned by some of the modern kids today (and many adults I might add), there is almost a dismissive shrug of the shoulders – as if the Seiko brand was just another Japanese run of the mill quartz watch maker, when to do so couldn’t be more wrong.
They’ve certainly been around a long time and I remember back in the early 1970’s when on the Far East, these were the thing to have.   That amazing quartz concept for example and then later the incredible LCD watch and I’ve still got my AGS Auto Generating Quartz of 1988/9 – and today – well they’re as inventive as ever.

Seiko - modern classic retro Kinetic!

Seiko – modern classic retro Kinetic!

But often as not we only see a fraction of the models they produce, so many are country specific, but without doubt there are many wonderful models out there.   This is one such model that I’m not too familiar with – the SRX007P1 5D88 a perpetual Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase.   A little retro perhaps but with a very cleverly designed presentation area allows the wearer to (like mechanical watches of the past) as an added feature, to wind and add power and see the reserve.   And within another unique sub-dial @6 it also shows the Day and 24hr time very clearly.  The Date is shown more conventionally on a sub-dial @3.

Also the dial has conventional analogue Hour and Minute hands plus a center seconds hand, plus of course the wonderful Moon Phase @12.

The Kinetic Direct drive of course means this model is powered by the movement of your wrist, so about as Automatic as you can get.   So no batteries to think about.  It has a 1 month Power Reserve (and that hand wind capability too), a Sapphire Crystal, 12 jewel Quartz movement with 100m Water Resistance and a black leather strap with fold over push button clasp, it’s pretty much got it all and so much more than the “standard” common quartz watch.

So the best of all worlds as they say – Automatic, no battery worries, tells you virtually everything you need to know in one view – Time, Day, Date, 24hr indication (am & pm) the Moon Phase and the Power remaining – certainly NOT a brand to take for granted.

To illustrate this very point – take a look at their achievements web site HERE – it’s impressive to say the least.

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