Dive to be seen!

Another Casio G Shock “in your face” style is this professional Divers model (not camouflage this time!) the GWFT1030E-9 30th Anniversary FROGMAN ISO certified 200mm Titanium.

Casio G Shock 3oth Anniversary FROGMAN Titanium

Casio G Shock 3oth Anniversary FROGMAN Titanium

This is a dive specialist model which features ISO Certified 200M Water Resistance and a titanium case wrapped in tough yellow colored resin, screw-lock case back and Tough Solar power, so no battery issues.

As usual with many of the Casio models this has a very comprehensive feature set – Auto back light, Tide Moon Graphs, Data memory up to 10 logs and World Time for 48 cities, 1/100 sec Stopwatch, Countdown Timer etc.  Unusually this case is an asymmetric design and the offset case and larger than usual band allows much better fit against the skin or over a wetsuit, especially in swimming situations.

Multi-band Radio Control is also included, so is very much a world traveler style watch, with dive times and surface intervals measurement by use of the multi-timers within the digital function set.

I suppose being a bit of a purist still, I tend to think of a divers watch as one that has broad luminous hands and absolute ease of clarity underwater in poor light situations and I sometimes wonder about any digital only display in these circumstances.   Casio however have addressed that issue certainly in part by the Full Auto light feature, which means that by turning your wrist towards you, the dial should light up – hence the value of Solar power!   But is that as clear as bright analogue hands?  For me the jury’s out on that one, but also it might be I’m too old fashioned and set in my ways and this is the way forward and just brilliant . . .
The G Shock toughness however I do accept with Casio’s G Shock testing clearly showing just how good these are in any given and specified circumstance and with that in mind here is the Water Test as done by Casio –

One thing is certain is that even at most depths with this vibrant yellow case color on your wrist, you should be easily spotted by your fellow divers and that’s always a good thing.

Note – whilst this is a big watch at 58.3mm x 52.8mm x 18.0mm it’s only 115g in weight –  I have to say I’m really impressed with it.   I like the asymmetric case and the whole look of the watch – it’s a winner for me – and I don’t even dive!  😉

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