Smart watch

Vector – It’s about time.

A refreshing change I’d say and smacks of a Company with a clear idea of what they want from their product, unlike some, who throw the kitchen sink at it regardless of actual practicality or battery usage concerns.

Oh my – its Omate

unlike Apple and some of the much more expensive efforts appearing, this model can connect equally with Android or iOS 7. with push notifications of incoming calls, social media updates, reminders and so on.

Smart or not so smart?

Well, later this year we are going to be inundated with these peculiar little gadgets called Smart Watches, though to me it seems almost more like a surrealistic exercise in technology for technologies sake.   A test of just what else… Read More ›

Smart time

Cognito Original – It looks like a watch, it tells the time like a watch, it talks to your phone and it’s got a watch battery life . . . . it sounds good to me!