You can’t be serious?

I also question the entire idea and necessity for an intermediate device between your wrist and your pocket, where your smart phone resides and which incidentally has a far better battery life than the so called “smart” watch and it has all the software required to actually do something with it.

Smart or not so smart?

Well, later this year we are going to be inundated with these peculiar little gadgets called Smart Watches, though to me it seems almost more like a surrealistic exercise in technology for technologies sake.   A test of just what else… Read More ›

A quick glance?

Why is it that many of the “New” watches, “cool” watches, or “unusual” watches appear to have the same problem – you can’t tell the darned time on them.   Or at least it seems that way to me as to… Read More ›

Clear or not so clear!

So, Clarity – What’s all that about?  Well it’s about the number of watches you bought over the years, not over the counter, but over the Internet.  The models that seemed, on screen, so clear to read with their high… Read More ›

Size and sense

So many folks can’t or won’t get the bracelets models adjusted, which is like getting a new car with leather seats and covering them with plastic sheet, then you sell the car and some other guy gets the thrill of those lovely seats – and you didn’t.