Month: January 2013

Mad or Nomad

I find that with most small portable, like a watch, Digital Compasses, the accuracy is limited and my local declination being small might well be under the accuracy tolerance anyway

Compass compacts 5

Hope I’m right but that’s about my sum knowledge of navigation I’m afraid, which is why thinking about it the ST-5000 Pathfinder is so attractive. Decide where you want to go and follow the GREEN dot. And for me with my limited (as you see) knowledge of navigation – super simple seems VERY attractive!

Compass compacts 3

As said at the start I will only include “Digital Only” models IF they come within my diameter limit AND they have obvious clarity – though so far there are very few that meet the criteria. That said my next… Read More ›

Compass compacts 2

Decided to revise this post to allow what I consider two very close Digital Compass watch contenders to be on the same page, as it were. The first Digital Compass find is from Tissot – very high quality built and… Read More ›

Casio – compact choice?

Well I’ve been considering replacing/adding to my old Casio collection and whilst the models I have are still available, I want one with more rugged features and added functionality if possible.  Basically I would like one that maybe has an… Read More ›

Movado gem

The Kingmatic automatic model (and the Tempomatic before it) took the watch world by storm when it first came out in around 1962 and the Kingmatic was made probably till around 1967.