Month: December 2012

Deployment as replacement

So often watches come with less than perfect straps and bracelets that whilst perhaps, and even this is debatable, are made to “look” good and compliment the model in question, but unfortunately simply do not fit the wrist properly

Basically Traser

However when we come to the steel elastic bracelet, this is another matter entirely. This is a very poor affair, badly finished and very uncomfortable on the the wrist

Another contender

And whilst this has a slightly larger case than I usually go for at 40mm, it is offset a little by the fact that it measures only 11mm depth, which means it’s not too bulky at all for my smallish wrist.

24 + 1 equals Duo

It makes me wonder about the point of this single hand, single time approach. I mean this is a quartz watch, not a mechanical one and yet we are subject here to hands lag or slack between the two time displays, which seems at odds with quartz

Retro Ana-Digi Classic

It seems to me that Citizen created a clever and neat watch here to show as clearly as possible many different functions – perhaps a lesson to those watch makers today who so often create something that can be cluttered and over fussy and difficult to read.

The obscure “Voken”

It seems that Citizen is a very widely tentacled Company and this vintage Voken is perhaps proof of this fact.  Indeed a true Japanese (Tokyo) watch, very simple Japanese movement and a typical 1970/80’s style.  This one is a manual… Read More ›