Month: February 2013

Military fashion?

If you’ve ever trawled through the so called Military watches around today, it’s quite amazing the weird, wonderful, often silly but sometimes really quite innovative designs that crop up from time to time.  It’s fertile ground for all sorts of… Read More ›

A Classic but is it for me?

This is doubly tricky as it’s the most difficult pusher to reach for a left wrist wearer who is right handed. Also as each of the pushers are really rather small I already find it tricky to “find” the night light for example (bottom right) especially in the dark and end up fumbling around with my (small) fingers searching for it. The case has many hollows and bumps so one recess or bump one feels much like another.

Low cost digital track?

Why digital watch manufacturers insist so many times, especially when resin cases are used, to fuse, add, meld and whatever else you call it, a totally bespoke strap fitting to that case is beyond me

Good vibes – Timex

I personally like this version with the muted green/blacks color scheme and I DO like the conventional strap and fitting, something that Casio and many others making ABC watches should take note of. This business of “special straps & bracelet fittings” is a nonsense and needlessly expensive