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As said at the start I will only include “Digital Only” models IF they come within my diameter limit AND they have obvious clarity – though so far there are very few that meet the criteria.

That said my next find is one of the cheapest digital compass models I’ve come across and whilst “Digital Only” model I thought it worth a look.  It’s from Pyle and as the image here shows it appears to have great contrast, so clarity may not be an issue and it has for the price a very comprehensive set of functions, including Digital Compass.  This is the Pyle Ski Master V Professional Sports Watch Model PSKIW25GN.

The Pyle Ski Sports Model PSKIW25GN

The Pyle Ski Sports Model PSKIW25GN

Unfortunately unable to find the dimensions of this watch at all, even on the Pyle web site, which is a bit annoying.  It maybe a less expensive model than the top two contenders, but the Digital Compass data on the instructional .pdf file is surprisingly comprehensive.  In fact after a quick glance this model does  appear quite highly specified, but until I physically handle one I have no data on ease of use.  In addition to the Compass it has Altitude, Weather Forecast, Barometer, Thermometer, Dual Time. Alarms, Chronograph, Ski Log data, which seems impressive.

From the instructions I’ve seen, the series of 6 dots on the upper dial denote Magnetic North, Compass direction is shown just below in figures, bearing direction is shown by the main figures, the 12 position is the bearing direction of navigation and current time is shown by the bottom figures.  The watch image here is shown displaying normal time, day and date plus temperature.

If this watch is genuinely compact sized OK, but I’m still to be convinced by the digital display clarity.  I would have to see one in the flesh to check, plus I note after reading the instructions, this display could be quite daunting, unless used every day to get familiarity.  It appears to be exactly the same model as the Meteo Pro Weather Watch from Wiesmann Klein, but with a different strap set up – prices differ – the Pyle is £59.95 and the Wiesmann £80, though the latter seems overly excessive for a strap change.

Pyle offer quite a range of Sports orientated Digital Only watches similar to Suunto, though obviously a lower priced product range.  The Casio Tough Solar I featured in Part 1 is around the same price but as I found out, it’s not available here in the UK, whereas the Pyle is.

Anyway it looks as if there will have to be a Part 4 as I’m finding more Digital Compass watches that I first thought.  And yes I should look at Suunto even though these are Digital Only, but admit to a certain reluctance.  The reason being that I had a couple of older models in my hand in a mountaineering shop a year or two back and frankly I could not make out the digits as the dials and digits were far too dark and barely legible.  I also noted at the time they were very large to me and at the very limit of my wearable size.

I am willing to check them out again but ONLY if I can get them physically in my hands and on my wrist for a serious look.

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