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The Ultimate

I suppose it’s inevitable that when you collect watches for a few years, you at some point come across a model that simply takes your breath away.  And for me it has to be the F.P. Journe Quantieme Perpetuel Watch…. Read More ›

The elegant watch (2)

Another collection of “elegant” watches from around the world.  First from my own cabinet is this, now vintage, made in France, Michel Herbelin Classic with a Swiss ETA movement. Followed by a delicate but classic form of the Romanson of… Read More ›

Citizen Value

A tricky thing to describe is “value” and how do you actually measure it.  In very basic terms for me, it means when applied to a watch, that the basic requirements I wanted are in fact met and the price… Read More ›

Variety 2

Another trawl through some of the great watches that are available today and maybe we don’t see too often.  Once again this selection are what I’d call in the affordable price range and some good value items.  Almost all of… Read More ›

Davis Watch Company

Whilst trawling around the web I found this Company, the Davis Watch Company, who have a rather neat range of mid priced Quartz models plus a few more up market mechanical watches too.  Always on the lookout for a sensible… Read More ›


As one of my previous posts recently showed, there are many choices when it comes to “Divers” models, especially when considering major brands.  There are also other models from Casio, Invicta and Momentum to name just a few.  There are… Read More ›


It never ceases to amaze me the sheer variety of watches and watch designs that are out there.  From the incredibly good to the mind numbingly bad and yet somebody somewhere, will love the look of whatever it is and… Read More ›