Masterpiece for a Lady

Another model for the woman in your life, especially if you are not concerned about price.  Nice if you have no concerns, though for the rest of us mortals who worry about bills, then I’d look elsewhere – but of course dreams and love are what makes the world go around, so who knows?

Laurent Ferrier Lady F

Laurent Ferrier Lady F

This is the Lady F from Laurent Ferrier – a Mother-or Pearl automatic masterpiece which includes the Galet Micro-Rotor.  The case is a rounded 39mm to ensure a closer fit and comfort for a ladies’ wrist.  As you see the dial is actually Mother-of-Pearl which in this case is stylized in texture and features “voluptuous arabesque motifs” according to Ferrier, “delicately interwoven foliage or refined detail of exquisite embroidery”.  The dial also has a diamond @12 to enhance readability.  The case itself is a beautifully sculpted affair with wonderful side panel in goodness knows what in stones (the web site doesn’t elaborate) though whatever they are, they look terrific.  I also note the elegant little cabochon on the crown which compliments the dial.  There is also an awful lot more going on in this watch than can be seen just in one image, but you can be sure it’s a special piece.  Just got to make sure my better half (Wife) never sees this . . .

I’m dreaming . . . !

Note – For a mother-of-pearl dial ladies watch perhaps in a more realistic price range there is always the Certina DS Podium, which I featured recently.  From one of the better Swiss Watch companies it makes extremely fine models across a varied price range.  The DS Podium is a lovely watch, practical Quartz, elegant and yet very affordable.  

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