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That “singular” watch

The date ring is very clear, the days nicely figured and the single hand is blued steel – showing excellent contrast and no worries reading this watch. Satisfyingly when the date changes it makes a wonderful click as it moves to the next day.

Cool watches

Here three separate discs for hours, minutes, and seconds spin exposed on the dial and lining up in the vertical viewing loop located at the foot of the dial

Jaeger LeCoultre vintage

A great era for watches of distinction for me is the 1945 to 1955 period when some of the most wonderful dress watches appeared and here Jaeger LeCoultre certainly fits this category

Movado class

Well defined blue steel hands against an unusual and delicate eggshell blue face with Roman numerals at 12. 3. 6 and 9, then gold applied chapter markers leading outwards to very neat minute index numerals in 5 minute spaces

Boccia Chrono

Sometimes you come across a watch or in this case a complete range of watches that for some reason strikes a chord.  And as I am quite a collector of Titanium watches it was of considerable interest that I chanced… Read More ›